Friday Workout: Front Squats and Half-Nate

Come join us at the Moto Saloon next door for some food and drinks around 6:30 pm today! RSVP here.


Front Squat @ 22X0; 3 sets of 4-6 reps

  • Light weight, short rest, emphasize full squat depth
  • 22X0 means 2 sec down, hold 2 sec, up fast, and go again



Level 1

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

  • Pull-up x 4
  • Push-up x 6
  • “Russian” KB Swing (53/35#) x 8

Level 2

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

  • Muscle-up x 2
  • Handstand Push-up x 4
  • “American” KB Swing (70/53#) x 8

In honor of Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy, who was killed Sunday, February 4th, 2008 during combat operations in Iraq. Nate is survived by his wife Mindi and his son Parker.

22 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Front Squats and Half-Nate

  1. I do not condone the scaling of a Hero WOD. They died. The silly little effort we exert to salute their sacrifice should at least be proscribed at the full measure. Scale as necessary is always applicable. Do not scale in advance.

    I will perform full Nate, and leave my lungs on the floor in respect to the man and his sacrifice.


    1. Thanks for your comments Eric. Unfortunately, I did my workout before reading your post. See below.

    2. Didn’t think about it before, but you make a good point.

    3. Eric, if you want to do full Nate, that’s great, but I don’t think doing a scaled version of the WOD in any way diminishes our honoring of or respect for Nate.

      1. As I said, scaling is one thing, making the WOD half of a Hero is what I have a problem with. Scaling is essential for what we do, maintaining the intended intensity and attention to form are what are more important than just ‘doing it RX’d’ BUT, these are Hero workouts for a reason, and should not be scaled by default as doing half Cindy or another less significant effort.

        I did the full today, with him in mind the whole time. And anyone that did half or less I hope did the same but also with the same extra effort to salute the man and his sacrifice.

  2. Lvl 1: 8 rounds (4 Pull ups, 10 Push ups, 53# Russian KBs)

    1. FS: 85×4, 95×4, 105×4, 115pr+15

  3. FS: 111#
    Level 1: 7 rds + 6 (35# Americans)

  4. FS: 55,65,75#
    Level 1: 5 rds + 4 (35# Americans)…Scaled + Scaled

  5. 5 rds + 4 pullups.

    Still can’t do full muscle up or string together HSPUs. Scaled as follows:
    4 pullups
    10 knee on 30″ box with paralette semi vertical pushups.
    8 KB swings

    vertical pushups are challenging for me (or rather become so after the first few rounds), and chewed up a lot of my time unfortunately.

    1. you are a whole other kind of ‘vertically challenged’

  6. 8ish at 10 and 12+5 at 20. I just read Walden’s post and agree with him completely. We shouldn’t cut the heros. Thanks Forney for letting the clock run.

    Its also no-shave-November. I’m donating to this year. Its never too late to stop shaving. Or just donate. And you can take the deduction next year post fiscal cliff.

    1. MOVEMBER!!! ANYONE can participate. I can’t grow the ‘stache, but I already donated the doll hairs.

      If I COULD grow a wicked ‘stache, however, I’d be on that. Men, ignore your razors for a couple weeks more.

  7. Did WOD first, then FS.
    WOD: 6 rds ([4 PUs, 4 purple band RDs], 2 abmats, 45#)
    FS: 89#

  8. Full Nate

    20 + 5 swings

    Salute sir!

  9. 17 rds in 20 minutes. Four chest to ring pull-ups in lieu of two muscle ups per round. Shoulder won’t take mu for high reps.

    1. jumping muscle ups, 1 abmat, 53#

  10. Saturday makeup:
    FS: 35, 40×2
    WOD Level 1: 9 rds + 4 push-ups (gbpu, knees, 25# russian)

  11. WOD: 7 rounds @ 53 KG kettlebell (only did half-nate)
    FS: 125, 135, 145??

  12. FS – 115
    WOD – 4 rds + 10 kpu, 8 kb swings (53#), 4 rr

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