Thanksgiving Schedule, Turkey Purger 2012, End-of-year Party, and Gymnastics Seminar

Thanksgiving Schedule

This week our schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday: regular
  • Tuesday: regular
  • Wednesday: regular except no 6:15 or 7 PM classes
  • Thursday: Turkey Purger at 10 AM
  • Friday: closed
  • Saturday: regular

Turkey Purger 2012

On Thursday at 10 AM we will host our third annual Turkey Purger Thanksgiving workout. This event will be free and open to all members, friends, family, and guests. We will design a friendly team competition, and the workout will be designed for all levels of athletes. What better way to prepare for the Thanksgiving meal than to fight through an awesome CrossFit workout with your friends and family? RSVP on Facebook here!

End-of-year Party

Put December 8th on your calendars for an End-of-year / Superlatives / Awards Party Extravaganza. First off, Lex W. has been hard at work organizing an awesome volunteer event for the day through Habitat for Humanity. There are 15 spots open to help out that day from about 8 AM – 3 PM, and if you are interested please comment here or email This would be a great way to apply your fitness while also helping out the community.

Afterwards, we will be gathering at our new favorite location the Black Market Moto Saloon starting at 5 PM for an epic End-of-year Party where we will announce the Nutrition Challenge winners and Awards for a variety of Superlatives, such as “The Lex Walpole Award for Best Attendance” and “The Jason Glaw Stretch and Mobility Award.” RSVP on Facebook here!

Gymnastics Seminar

If you are interested in attending the BeastSkills seminar with Jim Bathurst on Saturday, December 15th, please email chrisg@crossfitcharlottesville. Registration will be $80 for one seminar (beginner in the morning, advanced in the afternoon) or $120 for both. Want to get your first muscle-up or one-arm handstand? This seminar is for you! We still need a few more people to sign up, and you need to let us know if you are interested by December 1st. Having attended one of Jim’s seminars in the past, I cannot recommend him highly enough.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Schedule, Turkey Purger 2012, End-of-year Party, and Gymnastics Seminar

  1. That video is Ridoncuballs!

    I’ll be at Beastskills for sure, I’ll send it to him direct. Can’t wait!

    1. Awesome, good to hear. You should definitely have some fun working on the advanced handstand and muscle-up skills.

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