Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Purger Workout and Practice Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at CrossFit Charlottesville!

We are grateful for all the people who make up our community here: new members, veteran athletes, coaches, friends, and family. Remember we are hosting the Turkey Purger, a free team workout, at 10 AM Thursday morning. RSVP on Facebook here. We will be otherwise closed Thursday and Friday.

Lastly, spend some time this Thanksgiving between football games and turkey dinners jotting down a list of what you are grateful for. Research shows making a gratitude log reduces stress and helps focus on the positive. Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Purger Workout and Practice Gratitude

  1. What is the WOD? I’m stuck in a hotel at Dulles most of the day before flying out tonight, and would love to re-create the Purge as close as possible myself!

    If not, I’m sure I can come up with something terrible with the tools available!

    Happy eating, and GO SKINS!

  2. so 2 minutes per station in teams of 4… 2 people working at a time, count total reps..
    -row (calories)
    -sandbag toss overhead/shoulder
    -rope climbs/ring rows (scaled)
    -wall balls
    -partner carry (length of mat)
    -slam balls
    -double-unders (SUs scaled)

    With Joe & Lex as a team of 3 (Team “Let’s Get Physical”)… um 792 total reps… I think.

  3. Looks like fun!

    I did squats, good mornings and this:

    3 Rounds
    60′ overhead plate walk 45#
    5 renegade man makers 45#
    10 deadhang pull ups
    10 dumbbell swings 70#


    Happy eating!

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