C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 11/24

It was dirty in here, until Emma started cleaning.
  • PC + 2 FS + jerk x8 (work up to max power clean — UNLESS jerk is starting to fail early)
  • Good Mornings 5×5 (medium)
  • no-leg rope climbs x3
  • 3x hanging L-holds to failure
  • anchored sit-ups 3×10-15


6 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 11/24

  1. PC, FS, Jerk- up to 85#
    GM- @ 55#
    4 legless climbs

  2. PC, FS, Jerk: 60 kg
    Good Mornings: 95 lbs

    1. oh, Thomas? I dedicate my 4kg C&J PR to you, since you basically blessed my C&J before you left. Whatever mojo you passed on, it worked. 😀

      1. wow, Elizabeth! The PR’s keep coming!!

  3. Power clean + front squat + 2 split jerks up to 90 kg
    Back squat at bodyweight (85 kg) x 21

  4. PC complex: 95lbs! yay!
    GM: 65lbs
    no rope climbs, but 1 good mixed grip pullup!

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