C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 11/26


C’ville Strength = Mobility Fight Club

  • tall clean (work up to heavy single)
  • high hang clean 3×3 (100% of tall clean weight)
  • snatch balance (work up to heavy single)
  • 4 rounds of: tricep band pull-downs x10-15; band monster walks x20

6 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 11/26

  1. Tall clean up to 70 kg
    High hang cleans at 80 kg
    Snatch balance up to 76 kg (PR)

  2. Tall clean upto 95kg
    Clobbered myself with 100 repeatedly.
    Hang clean 90kg
    Snatch balance 85kg
    Tin man monster walk.

  3. Tall Clean: 60 kg
    Hang Clean: 60 kg
    Snatch Balance: Worked up to 120#

  4. Tall clean: 75lbs
    Hang clean: 75lbs
    Snatch balance: 90lbs (I think… might have been 95)

  5. Tall clean: 80kg
    Hang Clean: 80kg
    Snatch Balance: 76kg (PR)

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