C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 11/28

18 year old Olga Zubova (-75kg, Russia) snatches 105kg and 115kg at the 2012 Youth Worlds in Eilat, Israel.
  • snatch high pull + hang snatch x3(1+1) x5
  • back squat — work up to a heavy double
  • 3x 1-minute weighted plank holds (45#/25#), rest as needed
  • kip-ups skills & drills

Compare to Saturday 11/17

5 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 11/28

  1. snatch complex up to 65 kg
    then 5-3-2-5-3-2 of the back squats up to 125 kg, one-arm chin-up progressions, and handstand push-up progressions.

  2. Muscle snatch + OHS + high-hang snatch x ???? at 55# (kinda just did as many as it took for me to get the hang of it)
    BS: 165#x2

  3. Snatch Complex: 70 lbs
    Back Squat: 130 lbs double; 135 lbs single (new PR!!!)
    Weighted Plank: 25 lbs
    did not get a kip-up yet; still working on it!

  4. Snatch complex at 50KG focusing on form and trying to prevent my right thumb from falling off.

    Back squat: 130KG Double (PR) & 140KG single (PR)

    1. that’s like a 35kg PR on your back squat. Gotta be some kind of a record. 😀

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