Friday Workout: Handstand Walks and Jackie


Practice different progressions for the Handstand Walk: wall walks, sideways on wall, and freestanding.


Level 1

For time:

  • Row 750 m
  • Thruster (35#) x 40
  • Ring Row x 20

Level 2


For time:

  • Row 1 km
  • Thruster (45#) x 50
  • Pull-up x 30

Compare to 6/28/12.

30 Comments on “Friday Workout: Handstand Walks and Jackie

  1. Hand Stand progressions: Almost got a couple of kipping HSPUs
    WOD: 12:38 (Level 2 rx)

  2. 7:25, 13 faster.
    my kip is f’d. lost in transition from gymnastics to butterfly. unbroke then 15/8/7 pus.

  3. 11:18 Rx

    (8 seconds slower, but last time I did ring rows, so I’m calling this a win. 🙂 )

  4. Team Charlottesville is wrecking the Cold War! Ranked 1st after 2, then 3rd, and 5th going into the final of the day, which they all destroyed! Today’s rankings haven’t been posted yet, but they are going into the last day very strong and feeling good! The organizers suck for posting anything online, but we’ll keep you up to date the best we can tomorrow as the domination continues!

  5. Sunday bonus workout because I’ve been slacking – Murph without the vest. I did, however have 30 degree temps this morning and a wet frosty outdoor pull-up bar to contend with as well as a bastard of a hilly one mile course. 31:02 which is a PR by over six minutes.

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