6 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 12/2

  1. in case any of you are wondering what relevance the above video has to weightlifting… the answer is “everything”

    1. Hat tricks like that are always relevant to everything. Duh!

  2. Power clean:100kg
    Btn jerk:130kg pr
    Front squat:100kg

  3. PC- 99#
    Btn jerk- 99#
    FS- 121#

  4. Power Clean: 75 kg
    BTN Jerk: 75 kg
    Front Squat: 50 kg

  5. BTN jerk: 86kg, failed twice backwards at 91kg (which is my 1RM from the front)

    BTN TERRIFIES me, absolutely TERRIFIES me. However, 86kg is a significant BTN PR. Mental win.

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