Thursday Workout: Toes-to-Bar, Jump Rope, Rowing, and Crawls

End-of-year Superlative Awards Party Saturday at 5PM at the Black Market Moto Saloon next door! RSVP on Facebook.


Skill Work

Jump on the bar or rings and practice knees-to-elbows and toes-to-bar (straight leg and one-arm variations too).


Level 1

3 rounds for time:

  • Knees-to-Elbow x 15
  • Single-Under x 100
  • Row 500 m
  • Bear Crawl Length of Mat

Level 2

3 rounds for time:

  • Toes-to-Bar x 20
  • Double-Under x 50
  • Row 500 m
  • Bear Crawl Length of Mat


Athlete’s choice: Pick a mobility-related weakness and work it out.

14 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Toes-to-Bar, Jump Rope, Rowing, and Crawls

  1. WOD: 17:16 Lvl 1.5 ( Level 2 w 100 SUs/rnd)

    Worthy of note is the fact that I did the SUs in rounds 1 and 2 unbroken and in round 3 50-50. Big Deal? A year ago I would have to stop at 10 to catch my breath and my goal was to be able to do 25! Thanks CrossFit.

    1. Al, you are so friggin’ awesome!

    2. You’re my hero, Al! I miss seeing you now that we’re on different schedules 🙁

  2. 17:48

  3. WOD: 18:48 Lvl 2-ish (1.5)

    My DUs suck!! My technique was Single, Single, Double: 25*.

  4. 16:26, 100 SU’s, 20 k2e’s/ round

    I’m agree with Al. I remember doing 10 or so SU’s a year ago and feeling winded Now, I can do 100 unbroken. DU’s are still a work in progress, though. Can’t wait until I can make the transition to DU’s in WODs.

  5. Ditto Al and Bolko on the X-unders. 100 fast SUs feels like relaxation to me now.

    13:28 level 1. Booyah! I felt crappy walking into the gym and thought this was gonna be a drag. Halfway through I realized I was feeling fine and I could just friggin’ sprint the rest of the way if I wanted to. So I did and it was awesome. I’m crashing now a few hours later, but that felt like VICTORY. I remember when I just didn’t have it in me to “push hard” and now I do.

  6. 15:20 Level 2

  7. 14:54 Level 2

  8. 14.24 – 15 k2e (mostly) & singles (still can’t string DUs together)

  9. 15:30 level 2
    This was my first time doing double unders in a wod–I miraculously was able to string together 10-15 in warm ups! During the wod I ended up counting a few ‘attempts’ during the 3rd round though.

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