Tuesday Workout: Clean and Jerks, Wall Balls, and Rowing

couch stretch


Each minute on the minute, perform 1 Clean + 2 Jerks for 8 minutes.


Level 1

3 rounds for time:

  • Wall Ball (14/10#) x 15
  • Row 150 m

Level 2

5 rounds for time:

  • Wall Ball (20/14#) x 20
  • Row 200 m


Practice your Handstand Wall Walks. Want to improve your handstand?

27 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Clean and Jerks, Wall Balls, and Rowing

  1. C&J: 95*2; 115*6
    WOD: 10:00. I could have done it faster (sleep and diet). I might redo this on Saturday; w/ more weight on the C&J.

  2. C&J: 85,95,100×6
    WOD: 8:03 Lvl 1 (3 rounds. WB 20,16,14. Row 200m)

    Didn’t seem to have a lot of energy this AM. (I’m blaming the Pecan Pie!)

  3. C&J 60kg
    Wod 8:34
    Wall balls unbroken. Row at about 2:00/500m pace for the first 4 then 1:35.

    1. atta boy with the pacing

      1. What’s this ‘pacing’ you speak of, tell me more, I am intrigued!

      2. the goal was perfection rather than ‘best time’. Sooo everything unbroken (because you can), take back bad reps, though… and go easy on the row (treat it as active recovery). Give yourself about 10 seconds transtion recovery time before you pick up the wallball for the next unbroken set of 20. Then the final 200m row can be an all out sprint. He nailed it!

      3. I did a 1:40, 1:42: 1:45, 1:45, 1:32. Unbroken balls first two, then 10-5-5 with three breaths on breaks. Too many breaths.

      4. He’s 8 feet tall and strong enough to remove lug nuts with his bare hands. Longer pulls on the rows and shorter throws on the wallballs all by about a foot. Not a good T Rex Tuesday but a good day for Gigantopithicus Terwilligus.

  4. C&j 109#
    WOD: 11:26, L2, started with 20#, scaled to 14 in r 2

  5. 72 Clean and jerk , my max weight so far 🙂
    10:38 WOD

  6. C&J 110#
    WOD: 10:00

  7. up to 195# (singles)

  8. C&J: Up to 80#
    WOD: 12:08, 10#

  9. no c&j
    wod: 10:00 (level 2)

  10. C&J 75, 95, 115, 135×4
    wod: 8:27 (L2)

  11. Clean and Jerk: Up to 135
    WOD: 10:52 or 12:52

  12. worked up to 165# snatch with a nasty fail.
    WOD 7:43 Level 2

  13. Up to 185 for the last 2 rounds.

    9:12 on the torture test. Now I can’t walk right, thanks!

  14. WOD: 9:00 L2 (All unbroken balls. Seems to be a theme here today.)

    EMOTM: 176-133-133-155-155-155-155-176-176-176

  15. Up to 155. Trying to work more on form than weight. Especially on the jerk.
    WOD 9:37. I counted every wallball even if it shoud have been a no rep. I loathe their existence and counting bad wallballs is the only way for me to exact my revenge on them. There weren’t many bad ones but there were a few here and there.

    1. I remember Gretchen (5′ 2″ maybe?) doing something like 100 wall balls every day for a few months to get better at them.

      Now she’s better at them. 😀

      1. …more like day 1 was 20 unbroken, and then each day after she added one more to the ‘unbroken’ number, until she got up to 50 or so…? But yes, she is much better at them now. And, yes, this wod favors tall folks.

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