Friday Workout: Hero WOD Tommy V

Saturday, December 15th we are hosting a Gymnastics Seminar with Jim Bathurst of There will be no classes outside of the seminar. Thanks!

In honor of Senior Chief Petty Officer Thomas J. Valentine, 37, of Ham Lake, MN, died in an training accident in Arizona, on February 13, 2008.


Level 1

15-12-9 reps of each for time:

  • DB Thruster (35/20# per hand)
  • Rope Pull (start on ground and pull yourself up to standing)

Level 2

“Tommy V”

For time:

  • Thruster (115/85#) x 21
  • Rope Climb (to 15 ft) x 12 ascents
  • Thruster x 15
  • Rope Climb x 9
  • Thruster x 9
  • Rope Climb x 6

15 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Hero WOD Tommy V

  1. 9:37 Lvl 1.5: (Thrusters @ 65#, Ring Rows @ 30/20/10)

  2. 20:41
    115#, 15 climbs to 15′ and the rest on the short ropes

  3. 12:20
    Level 1
    6-4-2 on rope climbs
    45# thrusters

  4. 13:41
    55# thrusters 21-15-9
    6-4-2 rope climbs to the I beam (short ropes)

  5. 15:55
    65# Thrusters
    1st round rope climbs (short rope), other rounds rope pulls

  6. 9:06 (45#, 6-4-2 rope climbs)

    Scaled way back in the hopes of maybe setting a PR or 2 on my Oly Total on Sunday.

    1. YEAHHHH… deloading works!

  7. 17:27

    Grip failed almost at the top of the last climb, fell/slid and lost some hand skin, but went back up and got that last rep.

    Salute sir!

  8. 7:13 (35# thrusters, one-armed ring rows)

  9. 11:28
    85# thursters, 6-4-2 rope climbs

  10. 11:00
    85# thrusters, ring rows on a box, some rope climbs

  11. I bailed out at 6:15 after realizing I was failing utterly on a 12-9-6 rep scheme of 89# thrusters and ring rows. Those should have been easy for me, but I think I was not recovered from Wednesday (or maybe even Monday) and I needed to listen to my body. Respect to everyone who could do this workout Rx 🙂

    1. respect for listening to your body!

  12. 8:40, 55# thrusters, rope pulls, ring rows, rope pulls

  13. 10:20 @65# and 6-4-2 rope climbs except ring rows for the last climbs owing to painful bruises on foot and shin

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