Tuesday Workout: Animal Crawls, Muscle-ups, and Moving Day

max and saul

Dynamic Mobility

Crawling Drills and Animal Walks

  • Bear Crawl, Lizard Crawl, Crab Walk, Duck Walk, etc.

Skill Work

Practice progressions and variations for the Muscle-up.


Move the following equipment from the Mat to the Speed Bump and back:

  • Kettlebell (70/53#)
  • Medicine Ball (20/14#)
  • Sandbag (50’s/30’s)
  • Slam Ball (25/15#)
  • Weight Plate (45/25#)

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Animal Crawls, Muscle-ups, and Moving Day

  1. 15:59, 5 trips, only one arm available so used the 45# kb, and 30# slam ball
    ( I feel a little out of balance now )

  2. got a strict bar muscle-up for the first time! then only had time for a 400 m carry with the 88-lb KB and the 81-lb sandbag. 6:00 ish

  3. 15:58 Rx

    Apologies to the 6am class. I didn’t realize you could carry more than one thing at a time! You get triple gold stars for all the running. 🙂

  4. 20:18 RX. 5 trips – first one very long!

  5. 16:32ish Rx
    Lost a good deal of time trying to carry three objects and failing (Sandbag, KB, Plate), so then had to drop and go for three trips.

  6. 11:26 Rx. Three trips but did them all inside the gym. Like an idiot, I forgot my shoes and had to do the wod in my sock feet. Each trip amounted to 17 lengths of the gym.

  7. 11:33 (three trips: 45# kb, 32#sb + 14# wb, 15# sb + 25# plate)

  8. 20:21 all rx except for 45# kb

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