Thursday Workout: Mobility, Precision Jumps, and a Triplet

Remember we are totaling the Olympic lifts tomorrow, so take a rest day if needed. Also, check our Winter Holiday Schedule here.

tate the comedian


Spend 10 minutes with a Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball, or Resistance Band working out any kinks from the week.

Skill Work

Practice progressions for the Precision Jump. Start on flat ground, and work towards a couple 12″ boxes if desired.


Level 1

3 rounds for time:

  • Ring Row x 10
  • Slam Ball (20/10#) x 20
  • Single-under x 80

Level 2

5 rounds for time:

  • Pull-up x 10
  • Slam Ball (25/15#) x 20
  • Double-under x 40

20 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Mobility, Precision Jumps, and a Triplet

  1. L2 mod: 5rds
    PU – Rx
    SB – Rx
    SU –
    time: 9:05

  2. Precision jumping could be fun, but don’t look for me on a You tube video just yet.
    WOD: LVL 1.5 (3 rounds)
    Time: 8:48
    PU -rx
    SB- rx

  3. WOD: L2 @ 9:04
    That sucked.

  4. WOD- L2

  5. Stuck in Steamboat two days ago for weather. All day off and 2′ of fresh on the mountain. What to do?

    Rent/buy/scrounge gear and get in about 12,000′ feet of vertical powder thrashing awesomeness, that’s what! Epic first day on a board!

    Stuck in Jackson Hole with a broke jet today. Too friggin cold to go ride, so I’m going to Mountain Athlete to work out with Rob!

    This has been a good week at ‘work’ so far!

    1. That’s awesome dude! I worked out at Mountain Athlete last year over the break and plan on going back a couple times this year too. Rob is the man. Let me know if you’re stuck in Jackson for a few more days, I get out there on Saturday!

      1. Nice! Rob just gave me a ride back to the hotel, wish I had seen this and I could have name dropped you! Great guy, great gym. We leave tomorrow morning for San Fran, enjoy the snow, the whole mountain is finally open, including Corbet’s Couloir!

        A real lesson in humility too as it was! In a room of pro skiiers, snowboarders, mountain guides and climbers – I dropped in on the Pro training session – I got SMOKED! Won’t detail exactly all we did, but there were a lot of sandbag movements, sprints, step ups, and then Rob put me through a wall grip torture test, and I did that pretty well I think. Altitude is awesome!

  6. Traveling for the holidays and visiting family in Saratoga Springs, NY
    @ Feral Crossfit
    BS 3×5 @160#

    EMOTM x 15 min
    Even minutes – 3 squat cleans @125#
    Odd minutes – 12 Russian KBS @70#

    squat cleans were supposed to be “heavy” and rep 3 was definitely getting challenging by the end of the 15 minutes

  7. 10:21 (5 rds; ring rows)

  8. @work

    50 du’s
    10 rds:
    10 kbs @ 60
    10 burpees

    50 du’s


  9. At Holiday Inn Express in Laurel Md.

    For time


    Dumbbell Push Press at 35 lbs


  10. 11:27.

    Merry Christmas y’all!

  11. 8:39 w/ 30lb sb

  12. 11:06- sloppy single unders

  13. 10.44 – 5 rds with rr, 20# slam, and su’s

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