Friday Workout: Olympic Lifting Total

You’ll want to be fresh today, so take a rest day and make this up tomorrow if needed. Also, check our Winter Holiday Schedule here.



You have 3 attempts at each lift to set a new 1 rep max PR:

  • Max Snatch
  • Max Clean & Jerk

Warm up thoroughly, take plenty of rest, and “rip the head off a lion.”

Optional Post-Class Extra Credit (not coached)

  • Row 500 m for time.

11 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Olympic Lifting Total

  1. 145. no cj. 1:33 row.

  2. taking off from weights until 2013…training for a new race schedule. Did Angie today, 21:06. Shouldn’t have done 1000 squats (50/50 overhead/regular) yesterday with my challenge weight ruck….

  3. 75# snatch, 90# clean & jerk = 165
    2:06 row

  4. 125# snatch
    155# c & j

  5. 97 snatch
    99 c & j

    196 total
    1:44 row

  6. If Shankle ever stops lifting, he will have an awesome opportunity to have an epic voice over career!

    Merry Christmas All!

    And as a reminder I’ll be doing “Operator Ugly” from Military Fitness at noon on the 23rd at the Walden Gym. Hit me up if you want a special present!

    1. I’ve always said that Shankle is like a white Morgan Freeman.

  7. Snatch – 135; C&J – 135
    (I didn’t feel like my form was the best, it wasn’t great technique, I could have done more, possible 145 SN, and 155 C&J)

  8. At Feral Crossfit:
    Shoulder Press 3×5 @70#
    4 Rnds for time:
    15 T2B, 50 DUs, 15 Push Ups
    Rx was 20 reps of T2B and PUs. No speed rope, so those DUs were rough with the plastic one.

  9. Oly heavy single clusters (which felt like CF to me, who is used to wayyyyy more rest):
    Snatch cluster (85-90%):
    1-1-1 x3 (20 seconds rest between reps, 3 minutes rest between sets)
    — 130, 135, 140#

    C&J cluster (85-90%)
    1-1-1 x2 (20 seconds rest between reps, 3 minutes rest between sets)
    — 160, 170#

    FS AHAP 3-2-1-1 (3 minutes rest between sets)
    185 (x3), 200 (x2), 210×1, 220# x1 (whew, haven’t hit that in a long time)

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