Friday Workout: Front Squats and an AMRAP Triplet

Regular schedule today; winter holiday schedule here.

Anders Larson of CFG Analysis: “What to Expect from the 2013 Open and Beyond” and “Does Our Training Look Like What We’re Training For? Should It?”


Front Squat 3 sets of 8 reps; focus on proper depth and elbows up


Level 1

AMRAP in 8 minutes of:

  • Ring Row x 8
  • Box Jump (20/12″) x 8
  • Wall Ball (14/10#) x 8

Level 2

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

  • Pull-up x 12
  • Box Jump (30/24″) x 12
  • Wall Ball (20/14#) x 12

Notes on the Programming

  • In September and October we focused on absolute strength by performing the CrossFit Total movements: back squat, standing press, and deadlift. In November and December we emphasized speed strength by doing cleans, jerks, and snatches, then maxing our Olympic Lifting Total.
  • In January and February we will prepare for the CrossFit Games Open (starting March 6) by building a base of metabolic conditioning, increasing our neuromuscular efficiency with the Olympic Lifts and their derivatives, and improving the quantity and quality of our gymnastics movements.
  • We highly recommend that you register to participate in the Open workouts, even if you have no interest in competition. It is very beneficial to structure your training around a goal, plus you’ll be able to input your scores online and see how you compare to tens of thousands of other CrossFitters.

13 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Front Squats and an AMRAP Triplet

  1. 4 rounds + 10 reps (level 1 reps w/ level 2 movements)
    Did the WOD at 8,200 feet here in Ethiopia… shortness of breath has new meaning.

  2. After a week off it’s soooo good to be back in the gym.And I have a first to report. I put two, only two, dbl unders together today. (Only took me a year, not bad. I’d love to catch a few more before the Open)

    FS: 85, 95, 100
    WOD: 3 rounds + 19 (lvl 2/ PUs rx, BJ 24″, WBs 16#)

  3. 7rds + 1 pullup rx

  4. FS: 117#
    WOD: 4rds + 10 (24″ box jumps)

  5. 116# fs
    4 rds + rr + bj

  6. Strength: FS 3×8 –> 155-185-185

    WOD: 6 + 1 pull-up

    Good to be back! Lots of carbloading over past week, been on a steady diet of fudge and Christmas cookies.

  7. FS: 185
    WOD: 5.5 or 6.5 rds (lost count)

  8. FS: 105,115,125
    WOD: 4 rounds + 7 box jumps

  9. FS-155
    WOD – six rounds but it was probably slightly longer than 12 minutes. Clock got reset mid wod so I had to guess.

  10. 6 full rounds 5 pull ups

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