C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 1/12

Platform Swag
Forney’s Platform Swag*
  • Clean & Jerk — heavy single (for the day); then 75% of that x 1 x 5 (1 minute rest between lifts)
  • Front Squat — heavy single (for the day); then 85% of that x 2 x 2 (rest as needed)
  • accumulate 100 hollow rocks — do 3 push-ups every time you break

And we know you’ve heard a lot from us when it comes to equipment (belts, wraps, etc.). Now you can hear opinions on the matter from someone who knows more than we do.

*he might kill me for posting this

8 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 1/12

  1. Clean and Jerk: worked to 90kg (couldn’t lock out the jerk), 1×5 @ 70kg
    Front Squat: worked to 100, sets @ 85

    pitiful hollow rocks, so worked on straight legged crunches

  2. C&J upto 100 then a few fails at 100 with a wider grip.
    Front Squat 125 all quad dropped to 100 to get it right.
    Hollow rocks 25 20 15 15 15 10

  3. C&J: up to 101#, failed on the jerk at 111#
    FS: up to 133#
    Hollow rocks = ouchies.

  4. C&J up to 135 lbs, then FS up to 175 lbs

    1. you posted on the website. Never have I been so proud!

  5. C&J: 110lbs then 85lbs for working weight
    Front Squat 120lbs then 100 for doubles

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