C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 1/13/13

lu xiaojun 2012 olympcs


Above, frames 1 and 2 are from his snatch (note the picture-perfect receiving-position).  Frames 3 and 4 are from his jerk…that’s right, his jerk.

  • power snatch 75% x1x10 (1 min rest between sets)
  • power clean & jerk 75% x1x10 (1 min rest between sets)
  • L-sit pull-ups 3×5
  • TGUs — mess around with different weights and ways of holding the KB or bar…or person.

12 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 1/13/13

  1. PS: 60kg x 10
    PC&J: 75 x 10
    L-sit holds, 3×10 sec, 5×3 strict chin ups
    15# barbell TGUs 5 each arm, really worked on external rotation, woo!

  2. note bearded dude in frames 1-2. 3-4 say what?! He bottoms out on the jerk? crazy.

    1. Tate I think you’ve only ever posted commentary on this site, never your weights.

      …but she’s lovely, really

      1. Saturday
        C&J-85 single then 60 working weight
        FS-100 and 80 for working weight
        Hollow Rocks 30-20-20-20-10

  3. PS- worked at 60#
    PC and J- 79#- 84#
    First time using 15# barbell for TGU’s

  4. What’s with the bulge in his mid-back? It looks weird. Not that I’m judging his form. It just looks anatomically impossible, unless his lats are huge there. Or is that the bottom of his ribcage, and if so, is he tucking his tailbone forward?

      1. Oh my dear lord. That is impressive.

  5. power snatch 70 (not all ten completed?)
    power C&J 85 x10
    L-sit pull ups 5×3
    TGU 117# both sides not quite all static.

  6. Snatch: 75#
    CJ: 85#

  7. Snatch: 65lbs (I learned to pull with my arms today! SHRUG!)
    CJ: 85 and 95lbs
    TGU: inverted 20lb KB and 35lb barbell

    1. no no no, you never pulled with your arms — you learned how to get more power by shrugging and using your elbows in the turnover! Brava! Those looked awesome.

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