Oly Meet Opportunities: February 9 and April 21


Dear barbell loves,

If you have ever been curious about lifting in a ‘competitive’ setting, we have some fantastic opportunities approaching.

1. NoVa Strength & Conditioning is hosting a ‘mock meet’ on FEBRUARY 9. This is be a non-sanctioned, pressure-free environment to lift as if lifting at a meet. Everything will be run like a sanctioned meet, except … it’s not sanctioned. No weigh-ins, you don’t need to wear a singlet (though you might consider it), and nothing bad happens if you miss.

Elizabeth is going for sure. A couple of you have expressed interest. They would like to know how many to expect, so please let us know your interest in going ASAP (by Friday 2/25 at the latest, please) so we can 1) give them a head count; and 2) help you prepare your potential attempts.

If you plan on competing for real in the future, this is a must. If you just want to know what it feels like to lift in front of a crowd, this is a great opportunity. It’s free! Also, rumor mill says they have a grill at their gym, and plan to use it after lifting. Steaks will be in the car! Right now the plan is to drive up (early) Saturday morning, lift, mingle, rock on, eat, then drive home.

Our current lifting cycle ends that weekend (Febrary 9/10) with an Oly Total anyway, so why not try your hand at that in a meet setting? You can always come back Sunday to chase weight 😉

Speaking of “competing for real in the future”…

2. Crossfit RVA in Richmond is hosting a meet on APRIL 21.

Sunday: Olympic Weightlifting
Sunday: Olympic Weightlifting

This IS a USAW sanctioned meet, so you will have to become a USAW member. Billy and Jenni both lifted at this location in October. The facility is large and the meet was well-run and fun. This should be that, but more so! You get a discount for early registration, and spots WILL fill up, so please register ASAP!!! And, again, let us know if you did so we can help prepare you to meet your goals. Please consider it, so we can show them what C’ville Strength is made of!!!




8 thoughts on “Oly Meet Opportunities: February 9 and April 21

  1. I’m definitely interested in the Feb 9th practice meet. Unless something for volleyball comes up, count me in!

  2. Just signed up for the 4/21 meet! And definitely interested in the 2/9 mock meet.

    1. Super!!! Way to be on top of it, Jenni!

      I know Billy wanted to do the mock meet, but sadly has a conflict. He should still register for the meet 😉

      Who else? I know there are more of you curious to lift big in a ‘meet’ setting. 😀

  3. Headcount for 2/9 so far: me, Jenni, Erin, Forney, Bolko, Bryce.

    Who has a car that can fit 6 people? Otherwise we’ll take 2 cars. I can drive one of those, if so. I’ll hopefully know details of when it starts soon (hoping not *too* early, so we don’t have to leave at an ungodly early hour, like before the coffee shops open).

  4. UPDATE:

    So the Feb. 9 mock meet at NoVa S&C has been postponed until an OFFICIAL meet they’ll host late March (plan to go? I will be!). But never fear! WE WILL HOLD OUR OWN MOCK MEET FEBRUARY 9 here at C’ville Strength. No weigh in, no need for singlets (but highly recommended), come with a plan for what attempts you wish to take. We will run it as close to a meet style as possible. Then after, many of us will be hungry so we’ll go eat!

    This will start at noon…

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