23 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Burpee Box Jumps and Muscle-ups

  1. Andy’s making the Landon face!

  2. That’s a funny picture. If only it was the 47th rep.

    13:29 rx – whatever. I finished it. Its too damn cold here – going to costa rica to paddle around on a surf board and get sun burned. 79 and sunny. Enjoy the wintery mix folks.

    1. Jealous! Get a beach handstand photo or something with CrossFit Charlottesville written on it! Travel safe.

    2. say hi to the monkeys and the frogs for me! And stay away from the panthers.

    3. Yeah, I think that was rep number 8 which doubled my total. We suck at front squats.

  3. 85#
    8:05 dips and rr

  4. 70# split squats
    8:53 with jumping muscle ups (many of them turned into attempts at the end)

  5. 89, 99, 111, 121
    9:55- l2 reps, MU- L sit with blue band (& some toe bounces off the ground towards the end)

  6. 80# squats. That’s 99% of my bodyweight folks! 🙂
    WOD: 6:56 with 5-4-3-2-1 negative MUs.
    Very short on sleep…

  7. 95# split squats
    WOD: 6:25 subbed pull-ups/box dips for MU

  8. 5:33 with 2 MU per round

  9. 106#
    5:56 (pu + rd for mu)

  10. split squats @20# (i subconsciously did those horrible 40X1 timings?!?)
    wod: 7:30, 2MU per round except last 2 rounds in which failure ensued

  11. SS: 4×5 @ 140#
    7:37 rx w/ 30″ box

  12. WOD: 7:02 (5-4-3-2-1 jumping MU)

  13. SS: 50# (25# DB in each hand)
    WOD: 6:37 (1 pull up/1 box dip w/ elevated feet per MU)

  14. SS: dumbbells up to 55#
    WOD: 8:02 rx

  15. EFSS- up to 25# each hand
    WOD- 5:27 with red band MU’s

    1. EFSS- up to 35#

      1. Also, only did 8, 6, 4, 2

  16. Pirate squat: 80# (2*40 db; balance is the bigger issue than strength)
    WOD: 9:06, scaled muscle ups to a transition exercise from a ring row into ring dip. After class did some more work on higher rings, getting a little jump boost to get into muscle up. Close.

  17. Split squat: worked up to 35# in each hand
    WOD: 5 mins.
    10-8-6-4-2 burpees
    5-4-3-2-1 bar muscle ups (failed on the last rep and then did one more a couple min later)

  18. Split Squat: 40# each hand 4 set of 4 per leg
    WOD: 5:23
    Burpees Box Jumps
    Ring Rows

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