Thursday Workout: Snatch and Burpee Ladder



Build to a heavy Snatch triple (Power or Full) in a few sets.


3 minute time cut-off:

  • 15 Burpees Over the Bar Buy-in
  • 3 Rep Max Snatch (Power or Full)
  • AMRAP Burpees Over the Bar

Each Burpee Over the Bar past the initial 15 counts as 3 additional pounds to your Snatch weight.


L-sit or L-hang x 4 sets to failure

3 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Snatch and Burpee Ladder

  1. Snatch: 115
    WOD: 125 + 2@135.

  2. Snatch @ 85#
    WOD: 85 + 14 Burpees (127)

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