C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 2/9

arnold conquer


  • max snatch
  • max clean & jerk
  • (if time and feeling good, max front squat)

**if you plan to participate in the MOCK MEET TOMORROW (Sunday), then still go ahead and come in today to practice your potential openers, or even 90% of that weight (6 snatches and 4 clean and jerks with 2 minutes rest between lifts should suffice). Roll out, mobilize, game plan.

Compare to the last Oly Total: 12/16/12 and 12/17/12.

Speaking of a game plan, we expect you to come on Sunday with your 3 attempts for each lift already set. Your first attempt should be a weight you are very confident you can hit. Your second attempt should be something close to your 1RM, and your third attempt can be a new PR attempt. If you make your third attempt, we will let you go for a fourth. Ideally you should not be making more than 4kg jumps between snatch attempts, and no more than 6kg jumps between clean & jerk attempts. We even encourage smaller jumps. We’ll help you plan, if need be.

[If you don’t want to participate in the mock meet, you can still come and lift!]

8 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 2/9

  1. (on Monday, 2/4)
    152kg Total (Total PR — 66kg/86kg, missed 70kg/90kg, which were individual lift PR attempts)

  2. Snatch: Worked up to 89#
    CJ: Worked up to 109#

  3. Went home for the weekend but I got my hands on a barbell anyways:
    Snatch: 85# (missed 90)
    C&J: 130# clean, 125# jerk (PR by 15#!!!)

    1. keep it up!! (so to speak)

  4. warming up to max on sunday
    Sn: 70kg x6 (1 miss)
    C&J 85 x 4 (1 missed jerk)

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