Tuesday Workout: Double-Unders, Snatch, and Row 2k

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Take 3-5 attempts for max consecutive Double-Unders.


Full (Squat) Snatch 5 x 5 (go light and focus on fast, perfect technique)


Row 2 km for time.

Compare to 2/16/12.

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35 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Double-Unders, Snatch, and Row 2k

  1. Awesome job 6am πŸ™‚ Way to push it on the row!!

  2. DU: Still can’t get past 5 in a row…
    Snatch: 65#
    Row: 7:28

  3. DU: 150
    Snatches: 50kg
    Row: 7:18

  4. super attention to form in the noon class today! Great job, everyone, way to push through on the row!

  5. DU- 33
    Snatch- 45#
    Row- 8:31

  6. DU: 18, new PR
    Snatch: 75#
    Row: 8:04

  7. DU: 67
    Snatch: 75
    Row: 7:58

  8. Snatch: 65#
    2k: 8:50

  9. DU: Lame. 10. I’ve done 40+. Not a great effort.
    Snatch. Stayed at 65# to work on form. Thanks to Alex for pointing out that I may still have some underlying bottom squat mobility that is messing me up in the overhead position.
    Row: 6:58.

    1. Dude, that was sick. Pulling a 1:29 for the last 150 was making me want to puke! Who gives a shit about double unders, you have POWER!

    2. Seriously, that row was very impressive!

    3. that row was beast mode!

  10. DU: 45ish
    Snatch: 55# (stayed light, really focusing on dropping under quickly…still needs lots of work)
    Row: 8:14.9 grrr really wanted sub 8:00

  11. I need to find this rowing juice everyone else has! πŸ™

  12. 247 DUs – was just sort of rolling along aiming for 250 and starting thinking about the row a bit too early. The new rope will make 300 easy.

    115# on the snatch

    7:27 row. Seriously considered killing myself to stop the pain at 1600m or so. I do not like it Sam I Am, not one bit!

    1. which rope is best for you?

    2. Damn Walden. I wish I had been there to see that.

  13. DU: 19

    Snatch: 95# first set and 77# on the last four sets

    2K row: 7:19

  14. DU: 73
    Snatch: up to 55#
    2K: 9:16

    Wanna know what’s a bummer? Thinking you set like a 20 second PR on your row, checking your last time, and realizing it went up by 7 seconds. πŸ™

  15. DU: 102 PR
    Snatch: up to 95 and back down to 65
    ROW: 7:57

    1. Your double unders were awesome!

  16. DU: 99 PR
    2k row: 7:20.5 – first 2k post-collegiate rowing career

  17. 5:30 class worked hard and showed big improvement on the snatches! Yup!

  18. DU’s: 100
    Snatch: 45#

    ROW: 7:50.2 πŸ™‚ PR by 7 seconds!

  19. Oops wrote my name twice

  20. DU:7, beating my previous record of 6
    Row: 9:05

  21. DU: 139 (PR+9), was a little disappointed because I was shooting for 150 and made a mistake at rep 135ish that I couldn’t totally compensate for. Next time!

    Snatch: 65, 65, 75, 80, 85#

  22. DU: 3 x 30…getting used to a new rope/cable
    Snatch: 67#…if you don’t use it, you lose it!
    2k row: 7:25 (~20sec off PR)

  23. DU: 24
    Snatch: 5×5 at 85#
    2k row: 7:25 (PR)

  24. DU: 24
    Snatch: 5×5 @ 85#
    2k row: 7:25 (PR)

  25. snatch
    up to 135×5
    all unbroken
    2k: 7:35

  26. Grace….20min break. 2k row: 7:27

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