C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 2/27

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCxXt8aaF4Q&w=420&h=315%5D

We’ve all been there. But then we pick ourselves back up and try again, and that’s the important part.

  • snatch balance — 1-1-1
  • snatch high pull — 100% x3, 105% x3, 110% x3
  • Sott’s Press — 22% x2x10 (% of max strict press)


Also, The AHNOLD is going on Thursday-Sunday this weekend in Columbus, Ohio, and there will probably be a live feed of the powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Crossfitting going on, among other athletic endeavors (such as championship jump-roping, I kid you not). Some big names in the weightlifting worlds will be competing, and they are bound to put on some stellar displays of strength. You should check it out.

6 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 2/27

  1. modified this somewhat:
    snatch drop: 45# (5 reps), followed by ohs @45# (5 reps), 4 sets + lots of mobilizing
    snatch pull: 89#, 109#, 119#
    sott’s press: green band aided squat, presses with bamboo stick (30 reps)

  2. Snatch balance upto 100kg
    Snatch pulls 80kg
    Sott’s press 40#

  3. SB: 60kg, 70kg, 80kg (I need to work on getting under the bar)
    SHP: 75kg, 80kg, 85kg
    Sotts: 3@35#, 7@30#

  4. SB: 75, 80, 77
    SN Pulls: 75, 77, 80
    Sotts: 6@ 20#, 4@ 25#

  5. SB: up to 40kg
    SHP: 38kg, 40kg, 42kg
    Sotts: 15#x5, 12#x5

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