Wednesday Workout: Kipping Skill Work and Fran

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Spend 5 minutes opening up your shoulders.


Work on kipping pull-ups, focusing on technique.


Level 1

15-12-9 reps of each for time:

  • DB Thrusters (30/20# per hand)
  • Ring Rows

Level 2


21-15-9 reps of each for time:

  • Thrusters (95/65#)
  • Pull-ups

Compare to 11/1/12.

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35 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Kipping Skill Work and Fran

  1. Just wanted to share a few things, hopefully it will provide some more motivation:

    -it is my 2 year anniversary thursday! (started in phoenix, been here now for ~6 mo)
    -i compared my 1RMs after 5 months of CF and now & have increased my 1RM weight in 11 lifts an average of 18% (range from +45% deadlift to 8% press)
    -i have learned nutrition is more than just counting calories

    1. this is all excellent news!

    2. freaking fantastic! thanks for posting this Lauren, and super congrats on all the stellar progress!

    3. Great Job Lauren! Thanks for sharing. You set the bar high for tracking results.

  2. Hotel Wod:

    Strenth: four sets of five heavy leg press machine. Weight read 180 whatever that truly means on a hotel gym leg press machine

    4 sets on the pec deck. Don’t kid yourself, summer is coming soon.

    for time 10 rds of:

    10 paralette push-ups
    10 anchored sit-ups
    7 dumbell curls per arm at 35 lbs
    50 single unders

    Took about 12 minutes.

    1. 1) did they have mirrors?
      2) if so, how long did you pose?

      1. I mean, The Arnold DOES start tomorrow. You gotta get ready.

      2. Yes they did have mirrors and I didn’t pose until I got back to my hotel room. There was a female riding the stationary bike and had I busted out a pose, she would have lost control and attacked me. No way that would be appropriate or responsible by me.

  3. It’s so good to be back in the gym!
    WOD:7:19 (15,12,9 @55#)

  4. WOD: 7:48 L2 (21, 15, 9 @ 95#, no band on pullups)

    compared to 11/2/2012
    7:31 @ L2 with 65# Thrusters and band supported pullups

    Today it was a bit early for this effort. Feel like I need more power endurance.

    1. looks like improvement to me though! 30 lbs heavier and full bodyweight pull-ups… hell yes!

  5. 7:43 rx.

    This felt terrible, but it was an improvement over last Fran when I commented that I thought I could do better than 7:45 @ 65#.

  6. 5:33 @ 55, banded pullups.

  7. 3:00



  8. 3:22 rx yay fun

  9. 7:18 (2nd time rx)
    :34 PR

  10. 4:26 rx – Whoever this “Fran” chick is … she can play for me any day

    1. That is a no foolin’ PR lady!

  11. 7:02 Rx. First ever Fran.

  12. 11 cups of gelato. Not a PR since it was my first time. I think I could have done 12 had I paced a bit better.

  13. WOD: 6:49 rx
    Last time I did Fran, I got 8:28 at 55#. Huge improvement!

    Gelato WOD: 11 cups

  14. 6:50 65# and rr

  15. 9:02 Rx

    First time Rx! Need to work on stringing PUs together, but I’m pretty happy with this.

  16. Fran: 7:45 Rx

  17. 6:42 @ 65# (15-12-9) next time doing rx

  18. 4:34 rx (3:00 PR since 7/27/11)

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