C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 3/10


If you did Option A yesterday, you should do Option B today.  If you did Option B yesterday, you should do Option A today.  If you didn’t do anything yesterday, you should probably max today — meaning that you should do one of the two workouts posted yesterday.

Option A

  • push press 75% x6x3
  • pull ups 6×6 tempo X311 (explosive concentric with a hold at the top)
  • barbell Turkish get up, heavy single

Option B

  • back squat 75% x2x10
  • snatch high-pull 100%x3, 105%x3, 110%x3
  • windshield wipers x4 sets to near failure

3 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 3/10

  1. Option A
    Push Press: 26kg
    Pull Up Negatives
    TGU: 35# (PR on a barbell) then 45# on a KB (also a PR!)

  2. FS- 145#
    OS- 65#
    high pull- up to 115#
    Track work- mile warmup, 6 straightaways

  3. Option B
    Backsquat 5×5 up to 185
    Clean x2 up to 185
    Toes to Bar

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