Competition Mode

It’s competition season here at Crossfit Charlottesville. The Crossfit Open has begun, kicking off the road to the Games, and over near the platform we’re getting ready to send a team to the RVA Open, a USAW-sanctioned weightlifting meet.

We want YOU.

Not too long ago a few of you braved our platform during our first “mock meet“. You got to feel the pressure that comes when it’s just you against the barbell with everyone watching. Hopefully you all had fun, too.

Well, we didn’t do it for nothing. Crossfit RVA in Richmond is hosting a meet on Sunday, April 21, 2013. Competing at your first weightlifting meet is an exciting and humbling experience. However, we’re here for you, here to help you succeed. But you have to take the first step and sign up for it. You have to take it upon yourself to register for the meet, then mark your calendar. Possibly invest in a singlet (they are not expensive and are quite fashionable, don’t you know). Get excited. Prepare. Focus. We’re thinking about making T-shirts (yay t-shirts!), and you’d get to rock one of those.

Seriously, go register. Right now. Before you read the rest of this post. Go.

Done? Good.

The next month we will continue preparing you to peak just in time for the meet, helping you every step of the way. Let’s get a headcount and get this ball rolling, C’ville Strength, because strong is happy.


3 thoughts on “Competition Mode

  1. well count me in. Registered and ready.

  2. I’m in! See you all in Richmond!

  3. I know there are more of you (Jon, Jenni, Erin… Thomas? Bolko? Tate? Bryce? …any more girls?)

    Please sign up and let us know so we can get a solid head count. Thanks.

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