Friday Workout: CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.2

If you are registered for the Open, then rest on Friday and compete with a judge on Saturday at 10 AM.


CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.2

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

  • Shoulder to Overhead x 5 reps (115/75, 95/55)
  • Deadlift x 10 reps (115/75, 95/55)
  • Box jump x 15 reps (24/20″, 20/20″)


  • For the Shoulder to overhead to count, the barbell will move from the shoulders to the overhead position with the knees, hips and shoulders extended in one line.
  • The athlete will start with two feet on the ground and come to a standing position with knees and hips locked out on top of the box. Two-foot jumps, one-foot jumps and step-ups are all permitted.
  • Every rep counts in this workout. Credit will be given for partially completed rounds.

33 thoughts on “Friday Workout: CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.2

  1. Completed a judged workout today with Alex and Eric. 269 reps. Might try it again on Saturday depending on how the body feels.

  2. 4@95#, 24″

  3. 134 Rx
    Who says I don’t do metcons? (I did this for you, Kyle, and you missed it) ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. hmm.. i think you need to hit 135 for it to count as a metcon ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. March 28th 2015 – 155 reps Rx

  4. WOD: 7rds + 4 (115# and 24″)

  5. 175 (5rds+25) RX

  6. 146 (4rds+26) RX Masters

  7. 7+6 reps (216 rx)

    1) do some regular conditioning once in a while if you don’t want to die on this (my “1 round a minute” plan lasted all of 3 rounds)

    2) don’t do this wod fasted … unless you enjoy getting lightheaded during box jumps

    3) see 1 again

  8. 245

    Going to do it again on Sunday with box step downs. Calves are tight along with the hamstrings, glad I didn’t blow anything on the jumps!


      i intentionally didn’t read the link until after the wod, because i knew what was going to say

      1. Yea, I saw it after as well. And although I am well aware of the potential destruction, I still bounced off the bottom the first time. But now that they are all sore and primed up, I won’t do that again. The experiment will be to see if I can go faster enough on the lifts to make up for the step down slowness by having less of a metabolic load. We’ll see! Now I have a new target to hit with your number!

      2. Step downs did not go well. Way too slow, and not that much less of a load metabolically. My hamstrings were still destroyed from the first attempt so that didn’t help. I’m going to be walking funny for a few days now. SEALfit class tomorrow, so that will be extra fun!

    1. Holy crap man, nice work!

  9. 177 (3 jumps short of 6 rounds!)

  10. 7rds@ 55#

  11. 6rds + 24= 204
    Calves were sore from yesterday plus I started slackin in the last few min.

    1. 208 Rx (PR + 9)

      2 years later and I came 2 reps shy of 7 rounds.

  12. 220 Rx

  13. 247
    (at CrossFit Stafford since I’m on spring break)

  14. 180
    (the Box Jumps were horrible)

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