C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 3/20

Emma demonstrates how to properly curl
Emma demonstrates how to properly curl
  • snatch balance 1-1-1
  • snatch grip bent-over row 5×5 (medium)
  • 3 rounds of: barbell pull-overs x10; bent dumbbell fly x10-15


**THURSDAY (3/21) come help us move to the new gym (1309 Belleview Avenue)! Things will really be underway around 4pm, so stop by and consider it your ‘recovery’ work. We WILL be holding class in the new space Saturday, so mark your calendars!**

5 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 3/20

  1. snatch balance 60kg
    bent row 50kg
    po’s15# dumbflys 5# (them things are hard)

  2. snatch balance: worked up to 65#
    bent row: worked up to 95# for last 2 sets
    fly: 5#
    row: 15#

  3. Snatch Balance: 80kg, Failed at 85kg. Need to increase in smaller increments.
    Bent Row: 70kg
    Pull overs: 40# (10)
    Flys: 15# (15)

  4. Snatch Balance: 80kg, 85kg (PR), 80kg
    Bent Rows: 50kg
    Pull overs 15kg (10) /Flys 10# (10)

  5. on Friday
    SB: 40kg, 42kg, 45kg (PR)
    Bent Rows: 25kgs
    Pull overs: 15#, Flys: 10#

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