Thursday Workout: Muscle-up, Wall Ball, and Double-Under Prep

Moving Day has come; today at 4 PM! The more helping hands, the faster things will move, literally! The new address is 1309 Belleview Avenue. All Thursday classes are at the old space.



Foam Roll Quads and Calves


Muscle-up and / or Double-Under Practice


Level 1

3 rounds:

  • 30 seconds Wall Ball (20 to 9’/10 to 9′); rest 30 seconds
  • 30 seconds Double Unders; rest 30 seconds

Level 2

5 rounds:

  • 30 seconds Wall Ball (20 to 10’/14 to 9′); rest 30 seconds
  • 30 seconds Double Unders; rest 30 seconds


12 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Muscle-up, Wall Ball, and Double-Under Prep

  1. So are all evening workout times still on? Just at the new location?

    1. All Thursday classes are on and at the OLD location. Friday and beyond at the new gym. Thanks!

    2. By the way, all barbells and plates will be loaded up into the truck by 7 PM, so there won’t really be any “Open Lifting” tonight other than whatever equipment you lift to help move! Thanks.

  2. 275 (level 2)

    Goodbye old gym!

  3. So sad to miss Murph Sunday! I’ll be back at work, but will find a way to do it this week in solidarity with my C’ville kids!

  4. Side note: Anyone interested in joining my work co-ed flag football team for this spring? We need a few more guys and gals…games are Sunday afternoons starting April 7th. Email me ( if you’re interested 🙂

  5. Great idea on the Murph movie/WOD get together. I’m planning on joining.

  6. noon class — thanks for all your help with the truck-loading!!! Made things go way faster. 😀

    And excellent job with the unbroken wall-balls during EVERY round!!! You all rock.

  7. At Grassroots Crossfit in Berkeley, CA:

    Running WOD!
    1600 – 6:17
    3 min break
    1200 – ?
    2 min break
    800 – ?
    1 min break
    400 – ?

    Total time: 21:41 (without breaks 15:41 for 2.5 miles)

  8. Can’t really remember my numbers exactly but here’s a ballpark:
    Wall balls: 14-14-12-13-14
    DUs: 23-15-12-21-14
    Total: ~152?

  9. 186 (5 rounds)
    DU’s were roughly every 5th single, one round was all SU, my hand+ feet+mental coordination were not all on the page the last round.

  10. WB: 16-16-15-15-16
    DU’s: few & far between, counted attempts – 36
    Total – 114

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