8 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 3/24

  1. 75# press
    60# pullup (chinup grip), PR by quite a bit I think.

    1. niiiiice. AND all done wearing jeans.

      1. It’s no coincidence that I got this PR while wearing jeans. If I do a bunch more squats the jeans will get tight and I’ll get a squeaky voice and really be able to haul some weight on the pullups.

  2. Hybrid workout

    Max hang clean: 135#
    OHS: 45#
    Good Mornings: 30 kg
    GHD Situps, no med ball

  3. Press: 60kg
    Pull up: 100# (2″ away from 105#, dang it)
    OHS: 50kg

      1. AWESOME. Ordered!

      2. Thank you.

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