C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 4/3



Above, a two-part Mobility-WOD series on why your poor jaw mechanics are messing up your snatch.  This may also help explain why Alex is always chewing gum while he’s working out.

  • snatch balance 90% x1x3
  • clean and jerk 60% x1x5
  • mobilize your stuff

6 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 4/3

  1. I’ll repost this with Saturday’s workout, but in case anyone wants to watch the livestream for the USA Weightlifting University Nationals this weekend (which perhaps some of you will compete in next year…. 😀 ), here’s the link http://www.sportscienceed.com/

  2. That’s interesting as sin. Who knew your bite could effect to much. I do lift better with gum in my mouth. I’m going to start paying attention to it’s placement.

    1. It’s either that or I’m tuckering my jaw…

  3. Snatch Drop: 19.5 kg
    Snatch Balance: 39 kg
    C&J: 35 kg
    Barbell Sott’s Press: 15kg

  4. Snatch drop:70kg
    Snatch balance:90kg
    Clean and jerk 70kg

  5. SD: 67kg
    C&J: 60kg

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