Thursday Workout: Thruster and Pull-up Prep

Come to our Spring 2013 Nutrition Challenge Kick-off and Paleo Potluck Dinner this Sunday, April 7th, at 6 PM!



Work on Overhead and Squat mobility for 5 minutes.


Practice Kipping Pull-ups for 5 minutes.


Thruster; build to a heavy triple in 10 minutes.


Level 1

For time:

  • ABMAT Sit-up x 20
  • Tuck L-Hang on Bar x 20 seconds
  • Slam Ball (20/15) x 20
  • Tuck L-Sit on Parallettes x 20 seconds

Level 2

For time:

  • V-up x 30
  • L-Hang on Bar x 30 seconds
  • Slam Ball (30/20) x 30
  • L-Sit on Rings x 30 seconds

5 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Thruster and Pull-up Prep

  1. Thruster: worked up to 135#
    WOD: 3:30 (L2, except after the V-ups “L”-hang was a tuck hang, and did the final L sit on the ground instead of rings.

  2. Thruster: worked up to 3 @ 95#
    WOD: 4:29, everything L2 except I did a tuck sit on the rings

  3. Thruster-up to 115×4
    WOD: 3:00 (about 10 seconds of L-sits the rest knee tucks)

  4. Hotel Wod:
    10 rds for time
    15 air squats
    30 seconds plank hold per rd.


    This hurt much worse than I thought it would. Highly recommend.

  5. Thrusters: 135/155/185 (failed after two)
    WOD: 3:19 (L sit form was pretty awful towards the end)

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