28 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Run 5k

  1. So if I show up at 4:45 tomorrow do we run “together”? Or is this more of a “do it on your own” type thing?

  2. Definitely come into a class tomorrow if you can! I guarantee you will be more motivated to run faster with other people there to hold you accountable than if you try to run this 5k on your own. Plus, we’ll have warm-ups specific to the WOD.

  3. 25:00

    I can’t make it to class today so I ran a very hilly course, not the river run.

    Would liked to have had group run motivation.

  4. Except for a brief false toss the cookies alarm on the way back up Main Street Mountain, had a very pleasant run enjoying bluegrass, forsythia, daffodils & sunshine – 25:26

    1. Sorry – that would be 26:25

  5. 32:10
    I’m not a runner by any means, but the river trail was pretty!

  6. this is my absolute favorite running trail in C’ville: it’s pretty and flat and a good gage for increased performance. Enjoy the nice weather!!!

    back when I actually ran it, that is…

  7. Yeah that final hill was “fun”… 22:07

  8. 26:13. Eff the hill AND the steps.

  9. Didnt make it to the gym today. Set out to do a 5K and extended it to 3.7 in 34:34.

  10. 23:18 rough last mile

  11. 26:09 …post 13.5
    Gorgeous day!

  12. 28:43- where were you 6am??? Lonely this morning! 🙂

  13. at Crossfit Murfreessboro. they have a 14,000 SF facility, which they claim is the largest box in the world. I don’t know if that’s true but its enormous (indoor track). And they follow Rudy so it was a ton of snatch and too much other stuff to recap, i finished the wod in 8:26 if i ever really care enough to look back for the time for some reason.

    1. Nice! Their entire gym follows Outlaw’s programming?! Wow. 14,000 sq ft is nuts too!

    2. how do you pronounce ‘Murfreessboro”?

      1. Sound it out- ill bet you get it first try

      2. Myrrh Freeze Borrow

      3. that’s just weird

      4. You’re weird for not getting it.

      5. 1. They just had a Rudy seminar so they’re all high on Outlaw…he said they ‘water it down’ some but follow it for their general programming,
        2. Its Tennessee.

  14. 30:20 turrible

  15. Inadvertently did a 5k row today, about 22ish minutes into a 30 minute effort. That counts, right? 🙂

  16. Run and Remember 5K on 5/11/13: 25:17 (PR by 0:48 and 4th place in the Female division. 🙂 )

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