Tuesday Workout: Diane



Level 1

15-12-9 reps of each for time:

  • Deadlift (135/95#)
  • Feet-on-Box Push-up

Level 2


21-15-9 reps of each for time:

  • Deadlift (225/135#)
  • Handstand Push-up

Compare to 10/29/12.


  • Play with different variations of the Handstand Push-up today: piked, on a wall, freestanding, or even with parallettes.

17 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Diane

  1. 4:05 @125#
    Did knee on box inverted push-ups but should have scaled up from that.

  2. 9:44 @ 225
    DL 21/15/9
    HSPU 15/12/9

  3. WOD: 6:14
    DL: 155
    HSPU: RX
    (focus on speed, recovery; rehab of shoulder; add strenght)

  4. 5:17
    DL: 135#
    HSPU with box and parallettes

  5. 5:19 Rx

  6. 7:04: 185#, HSPU on box w/ parallettes

  7. 6:24 push ups on box. Dead lift RX

  8. 5:24- push-ups in lieu of HSPU -42-32-18. Why 32? Because 15×2=32 in my universe during this workout. I was shooting for double push-ups as my shoulder is still too dinged up for HSPU. DL Rx.

  9. 6:56, KOB pushups. Short on sleep and food, had to break up the DLs into 3 sets per round.

    1. Kyle working you like a slave in the basement? Nice job man!

      1. The kids.. it’s always the kids. Celine was sick the night before, so I didn’t sleep. I was half-dead for this WOD and I paid for it the same way I always do: I got a cold the next day. Someday I’ll get some brains and sleep instead of WOD’ing when this happens.

        Today is Cindy or Mary. You own Cindy. I know you’re gonna do Mary for a challenge instead. You know you wanna.

      2. Oh PS I am getting a lot better at double-unders now 🙂 Something clicked and all the stuff you tried to get me to do just … became possible somehow.

  10. 4:08–95# DL (need to use more weight next time), HSPUs with one ab mat

  11. 6.11 – 155# DL, box HSPUs

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