Thursday Workout: Jump Around!



Level 1

2 rounds for max reps:

  • 1 min Single-Unders
  • 1 min Ring Rows
  • 1 min Single Unders
  • 1 min Box Dips

Level 2

2 rounds for max reps:

  • 1 min Double-Unders
  • 1 min Pull-ups
  • 1 min Double Unders
  • 1 min Ring Dips

17 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Jump Around!

  1. Seeing awesome improvements on double unders, 6am! Keep up the hard work 🙂

  2. 147. Those double unders seemed to get harder and harder after each set of pull-ups and ring dips.

  3. WOD: 163: partial Ring Dips.

  4. I think I worked up a sweat watching the noon crowd do this. Non-stop effort!

  5. i completely lost count, but i was there. Mostly single unders, box dips, and jumping pull ups.

  6. Home WOD with Corie -Domestic Violence!!!

    One person lifts for reps while the other runs 200 m. The faster you run the less time your opponent has to complete reps. The one with the most reps in five rds wins. We only have one bar so we used the same weight. Corie deadlifted while I did thrusters. 65 lbs. Corie 78 reps – me 70 reps. I lose.

  7. 134.
    Not sure if my body is adjusting to the tempurature change, if I’m not used to morning PT, or if I am adjusting to different diet, but I was not doing well this morning. Couldn’t do pull ups for crap; double unders were sloppy, kept catching on my left toe–must have been letting my feet drift apart. Meh. Bring on Diane.

    1. I think I meant Linda. Bring on Linda.

      Great Day!

  8. 310 (box dips w/ feet on 12″ box)

  9. 422 with Double Unders

  10. somewhere between 100 and 600

  11. I lost count too, but am guessing between 250 and 300
    Mixed SUs and DUs and did ring dips with a purple band

  12. 234 red band on ring dips and my pull ups sucked, grip was no good with the heat rolling in

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