C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 4/13


More on the topic of proper load-ordering in your setup position: “You can’t unbend bent.”

  • clean and jerk 50%x3, 60%x2, 75%x1x3, 80%x1x2
  • pause back squat, work up to heavy double, tempo 32X0 (do not go to failure)
  • 4 rounds of: 10-15 V-ups and 10 bent reverse dumbbell fly

3 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 4/13

  1. C&J: 25kg x 3, 32kg x 2, 40kg x 1 x 3, 43kg x 1 x 3
    Heavy Double Pause Back Squat: 52kg
    Reverse Dumbbell Fly: 5lbs and V-Ups

  2. Clean and jerk upto 90kg
    Bs with a pause 120kg

  3. C&J: 26kg, 32kg, 39kg, 42kg,
    BS: up to 65kg
    8lbs DB Flys

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