C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 4/22

Congrats to the 6 amazing lifters who competed yesterday at the RVA Open! And many thanks to those who came and cheered, for those who cheered online, and for all of you who helped us get pumped and prepared.

3 medals for C'ville Strength!
3 medals for C’ville Strength!
  • high hang clean x1x7 (heavy)
  • bent over barbell row 5×3 (heavy)
  • (light) DB Sotts Press x2x10

2 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 4/22

  1. Hang (power) clean: Worked up to 65 kg and hit it twice (PR)
    Rows: 45 kg
    Sotts: 5 lbs

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