10 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Nicole Remix

  1. 3.5 Rounds (3:39 hold, knee tuck)

  2. 3 rounds, 3:33 – the hangs gradually turned into tucks

  3. 2 rounds + L hangs
    (50-50-45-45-32 seconds for the holds)

    1. forgot to say that I did tuck holds for both, except for about 10 secs of L hang the first round

  4. 2 rounds in a little over 10 minutes. 20s/15s on the holds. Then I subbed bench press for the last 10 minutes. Did 11 miles or so last Saturday while being repeatedly electrocuted and submerged in frozen muddy water at the tough mudder so I’m good with the running thing for now.

  5. 3.5 rounds – knee tuck holds (boxes for rings) total 139 sec

  6. 3 rounds – tuck holds (bar and rings)

  7. 3 rounds- some L sits, switched to tucks for the 3rd round

  8. 3 rounds – tuck holds; 3:45 and 1:15

  9. 3 rounds

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