8 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 4/24

  1. Tall Snatch: 55kg
    HHS: 55kg, snatch DL: 55kg also

    +20kg from the last time we did tall snatch…cool

  2. 60kg across the board.

  3. tall@50kg – possible dip
    all else at 55kg

  4. tall: 45#
    hang: 65#
    DL: 65#
    Gotta work on getting under the bar.

  5. 40 kg for all lifts

  6. Tall: 22kg I think (need to work on these!)
    Hang: 25kg
    Deadligts: 25kg
    New start position with feet below knurling and hands extra wide; slow until past knees, then accelerate and keep knees out the whole time!

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