C’ville Strength: Summer Cycle (the 3Ps)

Summer 2013 @C’ville Strength: Power, Precision, and Performance

get strong and good
It is good for you all to be pulling heavy attempts (not necessarily maxing, mind) once a week, and that day is Wednesday. In addition you will all be doing 2 very important things: 1) squatting heavy, and 2) improving technical proficiency in the Olympic lifts.

Brave lifters,

The next 12 weeks at C’ville Strength will see 3 separate but contingent 4-week cycles. The first cycle focuses on power and strength, the second cycle on technical proficiency, and the final cycle on performance preparation. At the end of the 12th week we will deload towards a major max session which will no doubt result in many PRs.

The (very) basic work week (for all 3 cycles) will look a little like this:

Saturday: clean & back squat
Sunday: assistance work
Monday: snatch & back squat
Wednesday: heavy singles and front squat

If you must miss a day’s programming, miss Sunday’s. Try to make up all other work as much as possible. You will see more volume than you are used to, so it is imperative you make efficient use of the 1.5 hour time slot. Don’t fret that we’ll overwork you, though. Every 3rd week will be a “deload” week, where both the volume and intensity will be lower than normal, and we’d encourage you to tone down any metabolic conditioning during those deload weeks, as well. Speaking of supplementary work, please consider the C’ville Strength classes your “workout of the day”, especially the Wednesday heavy single lifts days. Taking Tuesday off entirely is highly recommended.

During this summer “3Ps” Cycle you will become familiar with all aspects of the clean, snatch, and jerk, as well as squats, pulls, RDLs, and presses (even bench press). Let’s never forget abs and pull-ups. You will play with new complexes and combinations. Side effects may include: increased appetite, better sleep habits, tighter pants, smoother snatch, stronger pull, and running out of room on the bar for more plates.

We look forward to lifting with you all through the summer,

your coaches (Jon, Jenni, and Elizabeth)

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