C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 4/29

shoulders over the bar, lats tight, knees out, back straight, chest up, weight on heels…
  • hang power snatch @75% x4 x5 (% of power snatch)
  • snatch grip RDL @75% x4 x6 (% of snatch, 2-second pause at the knee)
  • back squat @60% x5 x3

**it is highly recommended you take tomorrow off, since Wednesday will be high intensity (heavy lifting), and you want to be well rested for it**

7 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 4/29

  1. hang power snatch: 34 kg
    rdl; 40 kg
    back squat: 50 kg

  2. Hang Power Snatch: 40 kg
    Snatch Grip RDL: 45 kg
    Back Squat: 60 kg

  3. Hang Power Snatch: 30kg
    Snatch Grip RDL: 34kg
    Back Squat: 35kg with bands

  4. Power snatch 60
    Rdl 70
    Squat 90

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