27 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Row 2k

  1. 8:54
    20 Hollow rock
    45-sec Plank
    15- Side Plank, each
    Sit-Ups (feet together)

  2. 8:36 new pr.
    Previous best 9:23 (Give credit to good coaching. Thanks Lex!)

    1. Great job, Al! Well done to all my 6am-ers!

  3. 7:29… first time so PR!

  4. 7:22 PR by 6 seconds…

  5. 7:56 first 2k row attempt. Cory, you were my goal time to beat, so thanks for the motivation :-P.

    I set the damper a bit too high and burned out after the first 750 m. Dropping the damper down helped for the rest, but it was a little too late for my quads. Can’t wait for next time…

    1. Great job for a first 2k! Come back to the 8am classes!

    1. WHAT?! Maybe you should slow down and enjoy the row instead of destroying it… 🙂

  6. 7:33.7. Photo finish pr (by .3 seconds)

  7. 7:22 took a pee break midway…

  8. 7:09.2. Very happy with this. Not a PR, but an 11 second drop from the 2k we did several weeks ago.

  9. The gentle, at-home version: 9:12. Miss you guys!!

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