C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 5/4

Week 2 of the 4-week POWER cycle starts today.

Every day's a good day when you squat!
Every day’s a good day when you squat!
  • hang power clean @80% x4 x5 (% of max power clean)
  • back squat @80% x4 x6
  • tabata weighted plank holds (suggested weights: 20/15kg)

Note that the program is the same as last Saturday, just slightly heavier. If you felt last week’s weights were a slight struggle, then stick with them again today and make them solid.

In other news, Elizabeth is competing today (5/4) at 3:30pm in the USAW East Coast Classic in Lancaster, PA, hoping to make the Total to qualify for Nationals! Watch live!

7 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Saturday 5/4

  1. Hang Power Clean: 43kg (last one at 45kg ’cause I was feeling crazy!)
    Back Squat: 53kg (focused on knees out, think I finally hit tension in my hips at the bottom)
    Plank Holds: 25lb

  2. Hang PC: 35kg, attempted 37kg but failed.
    BS: 35kg
    Plank Holds: 25lbs for majority of reps, 35lbs for several reps.

  3. Hang power clean: first set at 85 but I was squating too much so others at 80
    Squat 120

  4. Hang Power Clean: 2 rounds 65 kg, 3 rounds 62 kg
    Back Squat: 77 kg
    Plank Hold: 45 lbs

  5. Mobility work

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