9 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Sunday 5/5

  1. OS- 30K
    BP- up to 35K
    W.PU’s- 10#

  2. Overhead Squat: 45 kg
    Benchpress: ~50 kg, these didn’t go well

  3. OH Squat: 36k
    Bench Press: 35kg
    Blue Band Chin-ups and ALMOST a real one! So close!

  4. No OHS
    Bench press: 60kg
    Regular pull-ups/T2b

    Lots of mobility work.

  5. OHS: 62
    PUs: 20 – felt good to do some real pull ups again
    CGBP: 82

  6. Over head squat 75kg
    Bench 85.

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