C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 5/6

rack set up

  • hang power snatch @80% x4 x5 (% of max power snatch)
  • snatch grip RDL @80% x4 x6 (% of snatch, 2-second pause at the knee)
  • back squat @65% x5 x3
  • band pull-aparts 3×10

You’ll notice that everything looks very similar to¬†last week, except the weights should be a little heavier this time. Again, Wednesday’s workout will involve heavy singles, so consider taking Tuesday off to be well prepared to lift all that weight!

9 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 5/6

  1. Does the bar weight 20 or 22?

  2. HPS: 30 kg
    RDL: 35 kg
    BS: 35 kg

  3. HPS: 40kg
    RDL: 50kg
    BS: 60kg
    BPA: blue band (thanks to Thomas)

    1. These are James’ lifts btw. I put the wrong name in the box.

  4. Hang power snatch 65
    Rdl 65
    Squat 100

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