Welcome Scott, Thanks Chris!

Welcome Scott as General Manager

It’s with great enthusiasm, that I welcome Scott Linton to the gym as general manager. Scott joins us after being a member of three years, and a trainer of two years. Not only is Scott an inspiring athlete, but he’s got some great plans for the future of the gym. Please join me in welcoming and supporting Scott in his new role going forward. Please don’t hesitate to contact Scott with any questions.

Thank You Chris!

We have been extremely sad that Chris Garay will be leaving us to tour with his band, Anatomy of Frank. Chris has been a wonderful part of our family and we fully support his dream to be a musician. Chris continues to impress us with his unending search for fitness knowledge, his devotion to training clients and his kindness. Thank you very much for your service Chris! Chris will be returning in the late fall to continue his fitness and training journey.

6 Comments on “Welcome Scott, Thanks Chris!

  1. Chris. Best of luck on tour and thanks for all the great coaching. Scott. Congratulations!

  2. chris – thanks for the great programing and training and all the pr’s. good luck with the tour!

  3. Thank you so much guys! In an ideal world, I would have the opportunity to pursue as many passions all at once. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent managing the gym, and I have only the best expectations for what Scott will bring to the table! Once again, thanks to all the athletes and trainers for your hard work, trust, and respect. Looking forward to working with you all again soon!

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