C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 5/20

playtime is essential
playtime is essential

Each day builds off the last. Make your numbers, work hard, and be humble to the process.

  • hang power snatch @85% x3 x5 (% of power snatch)
  • snatch-grip RDL @85% x4 x6 (% of snatch)
  • back squat @70% x5 x3

Compare to Week 2’s lifting.

**Wednesday, the last day of the POWER cycle, we are working up to 100% of the full lifts, so rest up tomorrow to be best prepared!**

6 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Monday 5/20

  1. Hang power snatch:67kg

  2. Hang power snatch: 50 kg
    Squat: 80 kg

  3. Hang Power Snatch: 60
    RDL :70
    Squat: 93

  4. 60
    > 60
    to 100
    bp to 100

  5. Hang Power Snatch: 80lbs (failed on the last one at 85lbs, so not quite 85%)
    RDL: 85lbs (I did these with 2 sec pause in the three positions)
    Back Squat: 95 or 100lbs I think

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