Monday Workout: Push Press and Some DU’s


Hey there everyone!  I just wanted to say that I am incredibly excited to be taking on this new challenge as your general manager.  A quick note – we are going to be getting back into some strength work as the summer ramps up in addition to the regular daily wod.  Expect to see some things such as higher reps or more unilateral work here and there (think split squats) as we work back into our strength development.  Eventually we’ll be ramping up to some heavier work.  As always, track your progress, record your weights, post to the comments, but the main focus should be on having fun and getting fit!  If you ever have questions or anything just shoot me an email –


Work up to a heavy 5-rep Push Press from the floor in 15 minutes


Level 1:

In 7 Minutes:

“Buy-in” of 3 minutes max single unders or double under attempts, then AMRAP in 4 minutes of:

  • Dumbbell push press (35/20) x 5
  • Hanging knee tucks x 10

Level 2:

In 7 Minutes:

“Buy-in” of 150 double unders, then AMRAP in remaining time of:

  • Push Press (135/95) x 5
  • Toes to Bar x 10

*Record score for AMRAP.  If doing L1, also record number of singles or double under attempts in 3 minutes.

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18 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Push Press and Some DU’s

  1. PP to 90#
    WOD: Lvl 1.5 3 min DU buy in (29), 3 rds PP @ 80#, T2B

  2. PP to 155#
    WOD: 52 DU in 3 minutes, then 2+9 @ 135#

  3. PP: stopped at 135 because back is still feeling a little iffy
    WOD: 150 DU + 2 rounds + 5 reps @ 115#

  4. PP: 85#
    WOD: 3 rds @ level 1 with 75#

  5. …and there is a new sheriff in town.


    4+11 rx. dus in 2:00.

  6. 2 rds plus 8 @ 75#
    Great job, Andy!

    1. WOW- just learned that I didn’t read/listen carefully….i did 15 T2B for the reps…

  7. PP: 115
    WOD: 5 + 4 rx

  8. 165 x 4
    4 rds

  9. Worked up to a 115# PP

    100DU + 4rds @ 115#
    sub 25# med ball V-ups instead of T2B

  10. No 5 rep PP; just the WOD only
    DUs: 57 (my DUs are weak) @ 105; 4rds + 7

  11. Up to 125# on the PP but didn’t get 5 reps at that weight. Got 115# OK.

    WOD: 3 minutes of gentle single-unders, then almost 3 rounds at 85# on the PP. Knees still having problems.

  12. Got up to 135 on the five set, but still having serious trouble overhead with my left shoulder.

    WOD: at 115#, 3 complete rounds plus 3 push press

    1. Oh yeah did about 112 du in the the minute cutoff

  13. PP: Up to 145#
    WOD: 4 roundS + 7 T2B @115

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