C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 5/22

You might take note of PHIL SABATINI, who is leading the Oly Seminar June 8…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtBvpBqy2v4&w=420&h=315%5D

Heavy Singles Wednesday!!!

  • snatch — 90% x1 x2, 95% x1, 100% x1 (make or miss)
  • clean & jerk — 90% x1 x2, 95% x1, 100% x1 (make or miss)
  • Front Squat — 2RM

“You’ve made good progress.…The important thing is you took part; medals aren’t important. You performed well — it was an achievement!”

11 thoughts on “C’ville Strength Workout: Wednesday 5/22

  1. Loved the video. I think we should all have happy dances and hops like they do when they make a lift. I did a WOD in Florence today: 20 min AMRAP (ouchy!)
    2 cleans (95lbs)
    3 jumping pullups
    4 pushups
    5 box jumps
    250 m run every 5 rounds
    12 + 2

  2. had a nooner with barbell:
    sn – failed at 70
    c&j – failed at 85
    double bs – 100

  3. C&J max single at 85 kg
    FS double at 90 kg

  4. with how crowded the C’ville Strength classes have been lately (not including those who make them up solo), I’d expect to see more posts about loads. Please do that! it will really be helpful for when these same workouts come up in the (very near) future… (hint hint)

  5. Snatch: 40 kg (PR by 2 kg)
    C&J: 57 kg (tied old PR)
    FS: 54 kg (old 1RM)

    Had a super successful day at my last class before I move tomorrow. I’m sad to say goodbye and am thankful for all of the wonderful friends I’ve made here! The next time I’m back in cville I will be sure to visit!

    1. GREAT way to end it!! We’ll miss you!!!

  6. Tough night last night
    SN: up to 72
    Clean & Jerk: topped out at 88
    FS: None

  7. Snatch: Worked up to 55 kg(old PR), had it overhead but couldn’t lock it out.
    Clean and Jerk: Matched my old PR at 75 kg
    Front Squat: Up to 80 kg x 1

  8. Snatch- 60kg
    C&J- 75kg (PR)
    FS- Did not have time to finish

  9. Snatch upto 90kg
    Clean and jerk upto 115kg failed the jerk at 120kg pr
    FS 125kg x2

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