Friday Workout: Snatches and Sandbags



Level 1

3 Rounds for time of:

  • One Arm Dumbbell Snatch Per Arm (35/20) x 6
  • Ring Row x 12
  • Top of The Hill (~200m) Sandbag Weighted Run (30s/20s)

Level 2

4 Rounds for time of:

  • Power Snatch (135/95) x 6
  • Chest to Bar Pullup x 12
  • 400m Sandbag weighted run (50s/30s)

Important Stuff

  • We will be running two classes on Memorial Day at 12pm and 5pm for “Murph“!  The workout is free and open to the public, so bring your friends!  2) Also, please stay tuned to the Cville Strength page for information on Tug O War options in the park!  Tug O War will probably happen sometime in the afternoon, so it’s possible to do Murph and tug if you want.
  • Rivanna River Clean the Bay Day on Saturday, June 1st!

17 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Snatches and Sandbags


    Yes, Memorial Day Tug!!! Come by at 1:30 to Washington Park where Forney will brief everyone on the rules and technique (yes, technique) of tug, and we’ll have a few battles! Possibly food and refreshment, as well. (more info to come on the C’ville Strength page)

    1. meanwhile, enjoy these recaps from previous Crossfit C’ville tug glory: and

      1. Next year’s Tug for the Town, Crossfit C-ville is making their TRIUMPHANT RETURN.

  2. warm up run @ 52
    WOD: 19:15 @ 85/32 (the Snatches and the weighted run starting uphill – killer!!)

  3. 18:46, 95# Snatches, 52# Sandbag, chin over bar PU’s

  4. WOD: 18:01 @ 95/52 and lots of snot

  5. 17:45 @ 135#C&Jx6, PUx12, 400m Row-damper 8 w/ plate
    arms ouch

  6. We would recognize those calves anywhere! Right now the right calf is making fun of the left calf – calling him ‘Skinny Britches’!!!

    Congrats on your first week of Managing Scott!

    The Traffords

  7. 19:15 @ 60#
    (still careful with the back)

  8. 23:10 @ 105# snatches, 44# sandbag

  9. 15:48 @ 115 snatches

  10. 21:26 @ 115#

  11. 23:38 @ 115 snatch, 55 lb sb

  12. 18:44 @ 65#

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